In Kidney Center Varna all types of kidney diseases and related complications are diagnosed, treated and prevented.
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Prof. Dr. Valentin Ikonomov, Ph.D.

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Prof. Dr. Valentin Ikonomov, Ph.D.
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Physician, specialist in nephrology and internal medicine, with many years of experience in the treatment of all types of kidney disease and replacement therapy of renal function by hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Prof. Ikonomov graduated from Higher Medical Institute – Varna in 1985. He has worked since 1990 as Scientific Assistant at the Scientific Institute of Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation at University hospital “Aleksandrovska”, Medical University Sofia and as Head of the Clinical Center for Hemodialysis in Albena, Bulgaria. He is a medical specialist in internal medicine since 1991 and in nephrology since 1993. Prof. Ikonomov was for 14 years Head of the Clinic for Nephrology, Acute and Peritoneal Dialysis, Apheresis and Kidney Transplantation at University hospital “St. Marina”, Medical University Varna. He is a professor in nephrology since 2012. Prof. Ikonomov has over 160 publications and over 150 participations at scientific congresses. His main scientific work lies in the field of hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplantation and apheresis methods. Specialized in nephrology in: Munich (1990-1991) Berlin (1994) Aachen (1995-1998) Member of the editorial committees of the following journals: “Nephrology, Hemodialysis and Transplantation” “Nephrology in Dialog”, published by Springer “Medicine and Pharmacy” “Varna Nephrological Forum” “Case Reports in Nephrology and Urology”, published by Karger Member of the following organizations: Bulgarian Nephrology Association Bulgarian Physicians Association ISFA German Nephrology Association EDTA-ERA ISAO ESAO ISN ASN

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